The Great City Swap

Treats of the east

We know you’re proud of your hometown (and rightly so) but what if you could experience something completely different for the day?

More to it

Take a closer look at Edinburgh - sneak a peak below its picturesque surface and you'll discover there's so much more to it. From pandas to pop-art, dinosaurs to Dolly the Sheep, Edinburgh boasts art galleries, museums, parks and much more, all within easy walking distance. Our shopping ranges from the world’s finest luxury brands to local, independent talent just waiting to be discovered.

Delights and inspires

Our food, be it Michelin-starred, or pop-up street-food, is mouthwateringly delicious. From the rich, sometimes hidden history, to the wealth of lush, green spaces peppering the city centre, Edinburgh and its people continually surprises, delights and inspires.

Come east and find out why there’s nowhere in the world quite like Scotland’s capital city.

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