The Great City Swap

Best of the west

We know you’re proud of your hometown (and rightly so) but what if you could experience something completely different for the day?

Edgy, vibrant and exciting

Somewhere equally amazing but totally unique. And you’d be able to arrive there in less than an hour. Sound good? Glasgow is edgy, vibrant and exciting. Come west and you will discover the best shopping in the UK outside London, a wealth of world class art galleries and museums, many offering free admission, stunning Victorian architecture and a range of family attractions guaranteed to keep the kids happy.

Buzzing with entertainment

Come evening, the city is buzzing with entertainment. Glasgow is a UNESCO City of Music; a title it embraces with dozens of gigs and concerts taking place every night. Theatres pulsate with applause and legendary restaurants, bars and nightclubs offer the full spectrum of nights out.

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